The Colour Mirrors System is a powerful tool to help guide us into understanding patterns and integrating our life's experiences with our soul's blueprint. 

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Colour Mirrors

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I write regularly on my facebook page Reconnect Source Within sharing insights from myself and others.

Katherine offers clients the framework to bring mind-body-soul into alignment to understand the Whole Self connection in relation to everyday life and makes shifts for:

Focus & Clarity
Abundance & Flow
Balance and Harmony

Katherine helps clients to see the patterns as part of a blueprint, an executive life-plan, from which each individual has chosen to experience growth and evolve in this life time.

Katherine offers solutions to change the experience of mind-body-soul connection with techniques to raise energy (vibration), be physically aware of the body, understand the conscious thoughts and step into creative power to shift areas such as:

Repeating patterns
Traumatic events
Stress and Anxiety
Fear of change

Katherine brings wisdom, compassion and intuition to facilitate renewal of mind, body & soul embodiment for each person to reconnect to their source within.

Coates, Fittleworth, Pulborough, West Sussex RH20 1ES, UK



Mind, Body & Soul

Nature is my greatest gift, meditation, healing, sanctuary, download time! I record all the insights I receive whilst I walk and they will be going up on a platform soon.

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